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Rustic Tool Box

Image of Rustic Tool Box

This unique, rustic Toolbox is perfect for holding coloring books, crayons, keepsakes, or tools! Sits nicely in the room as a fun piece of decoration or it can be used everyday. Made with little ones in mind, the finish is kid-friendly and each piece is inspected meticulously before shipping. The Toolbox is small enough that it can be held comfortably yet large enough to keep a small collection of magazines or a few hammers and chisels. My first delivery was to my little cousin Ro as a fun gift to enjoy for him to enjoy for many years to come. I couldn't believe how much he loved it so I decided i'd share it with everyone! Each Toolbox can be customized with whatever initial or letter you prefer. Please note I'll try to match a letter with your preference, but the exact letter style as shown may not be available.